Saturday, August 15, 2009

Same gender hugs

Hugs in public between same gender could usually seen amongst the female – not referring to some passionate related hugs.

it’s ironic for male isn’t it? Pondan I donno la.

wwhat it signifies?

it basically signifies how easy a person to open up feelings towards same gender mates. Might not apply to all people, but i think it does for most especially males. exception for some females.

When you hug same gender friends in public, many reactions could be seen and here is where i would tell u bout the tiny little secret of it (I knew this long ago, during some stupid motivasi kem).

  1. in return, the particular friend hugged you back, feels warm.

- This is a friend who has high potential to be able to spend the whole night telling you problems, expressing feelings, share secrets, bla, bla, bla bla and bla. I must say, a brotherly friend.

  1. Friend that forced himself/herself to withstand the hug. Pretending to accept it.

- Is a friend who could sacrifice and help you when u seek for one. A friend who can be trusted.

  1. Friend who moves away pretending nothing is happening.

- Is a person who cares much about his/her appearance, pride, like to paint out only positive picture about himself/herself and how people look at him/her. Perhaps ego? Budget hensome/pretty?

- Not a friend who would share problems to same gender friends.

  1. Friend who pushes you away at once with a monolog “That person is a homo”.

- Is a friend who only could be nothing more than just a normal friend. comfim ego.

  1. Friend who pushes you away and punches you in the face.

- Is he/she considered friend? Huh…… Just punch and fuck the shit out of him/her. bak dtg r...!

i guess this explains about my hugs.

Same goes to kentut.

  1. People who smells own kentut.
  2. People who moves away after kentut.
  3. “ “ blame other people after kentut.
  4. “ “ smells other people’s kentut.
  5. bla
  6. bla
  7. blab la
  8. and bla….

Cant remember about this, I read this in an article during sek men.

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a'ishah kamaludin said...

wow, briliant. aku akan gune cara ni utk tau who is the real friend i can turn to. haha

lyanne37 said...

wow. best la post ni. btw, baru jumpa blog ko! hehehe :P.

Z said...

i love hugs! so warm

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