Saturday, July 25, 2009


I have been avoiding my previous life so long that writing this right now is giving me a jolt(anxiety). Flashbacks of a life once lost.
Well, again, the only reason i'm here is cause i feel alone and yeah i'm pretty damn bored, nothing to do, alone, whatever. Things have been pretty good. hm...

True i stil hav my bipolar disorder freak outs every now and again but i have been working through them -cigarattes as remedy, and even more impressive, i hav been supressing the more trivial/meaningles episodes. But today, i wanted to run away...

To explain this, i have ch00sen to be as vague as i could, just to avoid pleasing the certain people that thrive/imbedded well on other people's misery... What best i could do is name this post "Dog".
It is the name to the way i feel(not really true, but quite true :P) and the life i refuse to lead.

I reckon it just hurts when i have done the best at becoming a new me/life/style/person/anything-that-it-has-to-be, plus having a whole new border of mind only to worry if around ppl me are the same as they were before me (perhaps smokers? dotA players? rofl~) or are they on a new page of the story like i am.

I guess im selfish, seasonal(i dont agree, but someone said it is), but i had done the best to care for it.

I promise.. this will be the only-other than the early intro post, and last post for my blog. Coz i dun like to post and blogging. its all becoz of Bosan, its driving me crazy.

p/s: i dint know we cant input tanda seru.

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=Waniduckie= said...

Wow, hahahha! Ive been here before but yu sed yu only have this for commenting.

Then when i saw yur coment kat blog joe, i gave it a try n gasp! A new post! Wakakaka! Ala, why make it the only post? We need more stuff to read everyday. =(

Blog la blog la blog la.

lil' haikal said...

i dint expect u to singah weyh..

unexpected wani,..

coz i dun like blogging.. just to burn my evening off, and yes it did.
honestly, thx to this stupid blog.

u no blog? heeh

a'ishah kamaludin said...

blog la blog la blog la lagi

=Waniduckie= said...

Yu see. Got 2 peminat ody. Hahah!

Yea i do have a blog.

Since 2007~


SI BISU said...

hidup tak seronok kalau nak dengar cakap orang je.

penuh kepura-puraan. kan?

blog lg chong. blog lg.

p/s : gambar budak kecik smoking tu sgt cool.

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